About Me!

Hello, my name is Princess Plunderphonics, aka Ethernet. Call me Plunder for short!

I am an 18 year old gay trans woman with autism living in Atlanta, Georgia. I have not medically transitioned yet, but I'm currently taking the steps to do so. I make YouTube videos, music and visual art, which can be checked out in the links below.

I have a deep passion for anime, music and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (but only the first 4 seasons, which is the extent of my discussion of the show). I made this blog to connect to these passions and spend more time with them through analysis. Think of this site as a personal diary of mine in which I keep an archive of detailed thoughts about the media that means a lot to me.

I am also a NEET and a high school drop out. I currently am unable to work or complete education due to a series of traumatic events that occured from fall 2017 to June 2020 combined with life long untreated autism and gender dysphoria. These things have also caused me to spend significantly less time with my passions, and this blog is designed to help me reconnect with them in a positive, stress free and theraputic way.

I value subjectivity, positivity, and comfort in my approach to analysis. Analysis is my favorite way to engage in the media I'm interested in, and is a form of fun for me. I do not aim to convince anyone, nor do I want to objectively critique or analyze anything (that can't even be done in the first place). Analysis is something that deeply comforts me and excites me, and I want to be able to do it regularly without making a full fledged video every time I do.

Why Neocities? Well, I strongly dislike centralized internet. While Wordpress or Blogspot or Tumblr may be cool and fairly customizable, Neocities is my own space where I can do what I want. Individual websites are strongly preferable to everyone being on a single centralized place. The comfy, hoby based spirit of the old internet is what I've always been about, and I might as well take material actions to create a better experience for me on the internet.

I try to approach every piece of media with no expectations, because I have zero idea how I will respond to it based on things like cover art or premise. Still, like everyone else I have preferences, strong ones even. With anime, I tend to gravitate towards character driven works with a stronge aesthetic and/or atmosphere. I love when shows are primarily about character interactions and creating a strong abstract feeling rather than fixating on a narrative structure. Thematically, I love anime about empathy and togetherness, shows that explore characters in a deep and compassionate way and promote an idea of understanding. Slice of life, shoujo (especially that which is intended for the younger side of said demographic) and psychological anime is usually what you would find in my favorites, like Lucky Star, Petite Princess Yucie, Evangelion, and of course, the greatest anime of all time: Ojamajo Doremi. You can see more of my favorites and every anime I have watched through my MAL account.

With music, I tend to like a certain music idea be taken to it's most over the top and expressive extreme. I like music with strong personality and individuality behind it. I find a lot of that in early-mid 2010s internet/underground hip-hop, like SpaceGhostPurrp, Ruben Slikk, Black Kray, Death Grips and of course the Based God himself, Lil B (who is my favorite artist period). This is by far the genre I spend the most time with, but I also love artists like Kanye West, Devi McCallion, Reptilian Club Boyz, Coheed and Cambria (only first 2 albums tho), Andrew WK, Trial of the Golden Witch, Shinsei Kamattechan, 33.turbo, Maedasalt, etc. I have spent so much time with music as it's been my most consistent passion throughout my life. You can find out more about my music taste through my RateYourMusic account.

I'm all about basedness, positivity, kindness and appreciation. The world needs more of these things. I love you, and I hope you stay/become all of these things. :3


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