"I Love Lesbians" and Pride

Published: June 13, 2021

I Love Lesbians is a song from the 2010 mixtape Nasa The Mixtape by SpaceGhostPurrp. It is one of the most important mixtapes in the world of internet rap. My favorite song on it, I Love Lesbians, is a Lil B inspired track about, well, lesbians. While many of my gay contemporaries may see this song as nothing but mere fetishization of homosexual women, I choose to see it as an empowering message of unrelenting pride.

The way Purrp just inserts the word “lesbian” in almost every line, even insisting that he himself is a lesbian (shout out he/him lesbians) feels like a passionate expression of who I really am. When this song enters my ears, I immediately start cooking dancing as I feel not only validated, but confident in my identity. It’s a song that’s extremely positive to me, in a way that I don’t think Purrp could anticipate when he made the song in 2010. While every other element of the song is amazing in it’s own right, as it’s on one of the few mixtapes I would call “perfect”, I Love Lesbians specifically will always be a pride anthem for me.

The Song